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GOG vs Steam

Some of you may want to the differences between GOG and Steam. Which platform is better? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard explains GOG vs Steam to you. After reading this post, you can choose a platform suitable for you.

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Since its launch in 2003, Steam has dominated the PC game market for several decades. Relying on this hottest PC storefront, Valve sits and enjoys many benefits. However, there is intense rivalry brewing on the outside rim. Steam also faces the challenge of other platforms like GOG, etc.

GOG (formerly Good Old Games) is a digital distribution platform for video games and films. It is operated by GOG sp. z o.o., a wholly owned subsidiary of CD Projekt based in Warsaw, Poland. In this post, I mainly explain GOG vs Steam.

GOG vs Steam: Library Size

In the aspect of library size, Steam is the undoubted winner. By 2019, this service had over 34,000 games. As for GOG Galaxy, it only has around 3,000 games. If you want more game options, Steam is more suitable for you.

But on the other hand, due to the increasing number of games, the store becomes a confusing mess to navigate. Of course, this is just a small disadvantage.

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GOG vs Steam: User Experience

For any product, user experience is very important. Steam comes with an organized user interface on its application. They provide everything you’ll need to play games and stay updated on them. There’s news, community, client-level chat tools and your game library all conveniently located in the same place.

You can manage games which aren’t downloaded. An individual may also enroll in games on Steam, which are purchased from different retailers. Steam also lets the user insert the matches that aren’t downloaded in Steam.


As for GOG, it has its own dedicated desktop program, Galaxy, but this client is optional. You can just as easily buy and download your games from a web page instead. The client is not as feature-rich as Steam, but it’s a lot more lightweight and modern looking.

GOG Galaxy

A disadvantage of GOG Galaxy is that it only let users include the matches which were downloaded in their shop. Although one gamer created a tool to assist in organizing non-GOG competitions to be inserted on the GOG list, it's still more challenging compared to the pre-provided characteristic of Steam.

The last but not least, GOG’s customer service is better than Steam's. Steam has been widely criticized for its poor customer service in the past, while GOG’s customer service is relatively quick and well-liked, although part of the discrepancy may be because Steam has more customers.

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GOG vs Steam: DRM

Steam use DRM while GOG doesn't use DRM for every single game in its library. DRM is used to protect the copyright of the game. However, sometimes, this technology is not good to users. For example, if your account gets hacked or locked for some reason, you may end up locked out of games you paid for and installed because something on Steam’s end went wrong.

On the other hand, GOG delivers DRM-free games, which means that you can download or copy your games as many times as you want on as many supported platforms as you want, and GOG will never block you from playing it.

GOG vs Steam: Price and Refund Policy

To make the publisher of the game gets the best price and maximises their profit, Steam adopt regional restrictions and regional prices. GOG doesn't adopt this policy. In addition, although GOG doesn't deliver games in a much lower price, it offers more gifts.

In the aspect of refund policy, Steam stipulates that you can only return a game if it was purchased in the last fourteen days, and if you’ve played it for less than two hours. As for GOG, it allows you to return a game up to thirty days after purchase, no matter how long you’ve played it.

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Steam has more games and a huge user group, but GOG offers better customer service and more gifts. Both they are good platforms and you can use both of them. If you plan to buy a certain game, you can log in both two platforms to see which one offers better choice.

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